Full Moon Events

Join us for a magical night on the beach celebrating Summer under the full moon!!

We have TWO separate and equally awesome ways to celebrate the Full Moon with us each month.

A Beach Social (detailed here) and a special extended Beach Yoga class.


Once a month we host a VIP Full Moon Social Beach Party &  GLOW Paddle under the stars to celebrate the Summer season and life in general .  A perfect way to hang out with your peers, enjoy a romantic DATE NIGHT, make new friends and enjoy an absolutely magical experience on the lake. Due to the flooding at Burlington Beach, we will be holding all the events at on the beach at Lake Niampenco in Binbrook conservation.


  • Painted skies to SUP under


On set evenings, we meet on the beach  just as the sun is starting to wane. Comfortable muskoka chairs & lanterns wait for guests to arrive and settle in.  After the initial meet & greet we get geared up for some fun and easy BEACH GAMES. These vary but are easy and simple enough that everyone can participate and have fun. Sweet prizes are included for the winners.

Soon after, its time for a VIP concert experience with some LIVE & unplugged melodies to permeate the air with the help of one or 2 talented local musicians! (schedule posted closer to event)  Guests are encouraged to sing along and even bring their own instruments as some evenings evolve in awesome jam nights!

When the sun finally sets, its time to get on the water!!  ( For those that reserved rentals or have own equipment)  Everyone gets geared up with GLOW GEAR and proper safety equipment &  then it’s time to paddle out into the lake with all our glowy wonder. Please note we have staff to help you get into the water and the paddle is GUIDED. The full moon provides a good amount of light and it’s an absolutely MAGICAL Summer experience. You may paddle, sit and socialize in the water or a little of both. We offer both stand up paddle board packages AND paddleboats for those wanting a more stable ride.


MUSICIANS and BANDS will perform LIVE & UNPLUGGED right on the beach!
Surrounded by torches and kicking it back old school BEACH PARTY!

Moonlight Social
Inclement Condition/ Rain Dates
Saturday, June 30th
Sunday, July 1st
Saturday, July 28thSunday, Aug 5th
Saturday, August 25th

At time of update all events will be held in Binbrook Conservation. Park entry is a separate fee.

Get the Niagara Parks Annual Pass for Binbrook and 8 other parks for $99 incl. one rental!


$ 19.95                   Moonlight Social   Beach Portion only  + tax
$ 45.00                   Moonlight Social  with SUP RENTAL (paddle, pdf incl.) + tax

$ 27.00                     Moonlight Social Beach Portion + Bring your own Boat** + tax
$   5.00                    PDF rental +tax 

$68.95                   Paddleboat for 2 Package (incl. Social tickets, rental and PDF)

PDF’s must be worn. If you bring your own SUP, we can rent you a PDF if needed. All participants must sign a waiver prior to participating. You must have some experience with SUP. Beginners must take SUP lesson prior to registering.

** We will always have an inclement weather day, within 2 days. Check individual events for 2nd date. Up to date info will be posted on our social feeds. No refunds due to weather, you may attend next event 🙂


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