Special Events

Canadian Summers are short and as such we should celebrate every sweet day of beach life available to us!

We host a variety of different events to help you make the most of life and staycationing on the beach with us.

Life really is better on the Beach!! 


Full Moon Socials: 

Full Moon Social Events are always a blast!!

Full Moon Social Events are always a blast!!

A hugely popular event that is held monthly on (or around) the date of the full moon. Perfect way to spend an evening with friends, a date or to make new friends. Each event is a little different. Pre- registration required.  No alcohol allowed.  Full EVENT INFO HERE 

Full Moon Events




Full Moon Yoga: 

full moon yoga beachA spin off on our Full Moon Socials. These highly anticipated monthly event will be held under the light of the full moon. The beach is lite up and we have a special Yoga Flow that complements that particular months full moon. We time it to begin as the sky begins to light up with colours of the setting sun. Some evenings will be set to drumming, bowls or music while others will have the natural sounds of the water crashing and birds calling overhead. We provide seating and encourage everyone to stay and socialize. Special guests and extra’s will be announced as we get closer to each event. 

 Please purchase your tickets in advance. Limited Tickets sold at the door as available. 


New Moon Yoga:

img_3168Our New Moon Yoga special class takes place on the night of the dark moon. Are you ready to attract your heartfelt longings by doing a full moon yoga sequence focused on manifestation?  The new moon phase is an optimal time for planning and seeding your intentions for new goals in your life. Follow our instructors in a heart opening flow that is suitable for yogis of all levels. We will light up the beach and each months event will be slightly different. We will begin as the sun sets in the sky and everyone is invited to stay and socialize afterwards. 





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