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The biggest thing to hit water sports in years, Stand Up paddling went from being relatively unknown to the “it” sport of the 2000’s. Everywhere you look, everyone from celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Sting, Jennifer Aniston, to pro athletes to everyday people are jumping to pick up a paddle and glide on water.

Here are some of the top reasons this amazing new sport has captured our attention and passions:

  • It’s easy! Learning how to stabilize, stand up on and paddle a SUP in flat water is much easier than learning how to surf in waves. (If you’ve ever tried surfing you know what I mean.) Of course a lot of people progress to riding their SUP’s in the waves, but you don’t have to in order to have fun.
  • Anyone can do it! People of all ages are trying it, loving it and including stand up paddleboarding in their recreation and exercise routines. Beginner boards are wide and stable and easily accommodate a standing or kneeling position.
  • It’s Fun! Stand up Paddling can only be described as great fun especially for those that love to be out on the water!! Perfect for spending the day with friends and family as its even more fun to do it in a group and easy for everyone to learn. Even fido can take part!!
  • Amazing exersize!! S.U.P is a fantastic whole body workout strengthening the core abdominal muscles as well as arms, legs, back and shoulders. Women can burn 500 – 700 calories and hour, and for men calories burned can range from 700 – 1000. Many people are using stand up paddle boarding to keep up training in the off season of other sports. Yoga and pilates are gaining huge popularity on the water as well. Any way you try it, SUP’ing has great fitness value.
  • Gets you out in Nature! Stand up paddleboarding puts you right out there to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of nature. With the water under your feet you’ll find that you have the perfect viewpoint to observe amazing creatures swimming and moving about below you. You’ll be able to see birds in action, witness a serene sunrise, paddle through mist, or marvel at a breathtaking sunset. Whether you are on a solo, family, or social paddle stand up paddleboarding connects you with your surroundings.
  • Inspirational Recreation – Stand up paddleboarding is a healthy activity to recreate and recharge yourself. It puts you in the moment and provides the opportunity to reflect on the values and realities that are often missed in the activities of daily life. Gliding across the water gives you a sense of freedom and inspiration.

SUP Yoga: 

Take Stand up Paddling to the next level with SUP Yoga! The ultimate combination of nature and balance. Our wide boards make it easy for you to get out on the water and enjoy this heavenly way to tone your body. SUP Yoga is an all over workout that tends to focus on where you are weakest making it the perfect way to get a beach ready body while communing with nature.

Participants must have SUP experience or take a beginner class prior to registration. Classes start mid June until September.

SUP Yoga


We offer weekly group lessons to get you started and develop your skills in this addictive sport.  A lesson is required prior to you taking part in our Yoga classes or if you are under the age of 16. Please check our schedule for the next available dates.

SUP classes


We will be hosting many fun events over the Summer including a monthly FULL Moon SUP. Check event calender for details.

Full Moon Social


We are YOUR staycation destination in the G.T.A. for all thing Stand up Paddleboard