What is SUPYoga?

SUP Yoga is essentially yoga on a stand up paddleboard in the water. Since the SUP board is large enough to act as a mat (and sturdy enough to support someone standing on it) it was only a matter of time before yogis started to discover the ways it challenged their practice. Super fun & very effective in building core strength! Participants MUST be comfortable on a paddleboard. (Beginner series includes basic SUP lesson)

  • Liquid blue surroundings for todays class!
 We will be offering a variety of classes, series and workshops for the 2017 season.One of our most popular being our 4 week “SUP YOGA for beginners” series. This workshop will teach you everything you need to know to get comfortable practicing yoga on a board but will still provide enough interest and skill building for intermediate sup yogis.  

 *All participants must have basic swimming skills.*If you are registering for our individual classes, you must have some prior SUP experience or take a lesson prior to attending class.


Arrive 10 – 15 minutes early to allow time to sign-in and prepare for your class. Out of respect for others, students who arrive 15 minutes late will not be accepted into classes. Once the class starts on the beach our teachers cannot accept walk ons.

Students will be expected to sign waivers before they begin their first class of the season. You many print out the waiver here and bring the completed form with you to save time.  We will have a class sheet printed out, please sign in when you arrive.

Yoga is preferably practiced in bare feet. All our classes are held on the beach and we leave it up to you whether you  choose to bring your  own mat.  SUP Yoga may be done in a bathing suit or light workout wear. You may get wet so bring a towel and change of clothes. Depending on time of day, sunscreen is a must and you should apply liberally before joining us for your class.

Wear lightweight, flexible clothing such as shorts, T-shirts, leggings or
 work-out wear. Bring an extra layer such as a comfortable hoodie until you warm up. We have public bathrooms, showers & change rooms available right next door. We also have lockers for rent.

Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. Please do not bring your cell phone to the class.

If you have to leave class early, let your teacher know before class begins and take a position to the back of the class.  Our teachers have some props available but if you have your own, it is best to bring them.

We will do our best to see that the classes are not disrupted but we are outside in a public space. Please do not bring children to class that are unattended. We cannot watch them for you. If the need is high enough we may consider bringing in childcare for one of our weekly classes.

Please take responsibility for the energy that you bring into the space.

Please smile, and say hello to the person next to you.

Please remember that the expert in anything was once a beginner.

Please remember that the practice is cumulative, ongoing and therapeutic.

Remember why you came, enjoy your workout in nature and contribute to the classes positive energy <3


Important Info

*Clients must be comfortable on the water or have prior Stand up paddleboarding experience. No experience? Register for one of our SUP Lessons  PRIOR to taking a Yoga class. 

You MUST REGISTER for classes online by 8 p.m. the night before for morning classes and 12 p.m. DAY OF for evening classes. 

In case of inclement weather, or fewer than 3 participants we will send out a cancellation notice as soon as possible. Please check our FB feed or your email! 

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